Do I Need A Professional Home Theater Design?


Why working with an expert is the best way to get a high-performing private cinema

Do you enjoy watching movies and TV shows in the comfort of your own home? Whether you like binging Netflix shows, catching the latest releases on HBO Max, or watching documentaries on Hulu, a home theater system will take your viewing experience to the next level. But what is the best way to bring a private cinema into your home? Read on to learn why you should invest in a professional home theater design for your Portsmouth, NH, home.

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The Top 3 Benefits of an Outdoor Audio System


Transform your backyard into an entertainment haven with outdoor speakers

With summer around the corner, homeowners are looking for more outdoor solutions to spruce things up. And what could be better than an outdoor sound system? Whether you want to throw pool parties or create a home theater on your patio, an audio system that’s made for outdoor environments is essential. Moreover, it plays a vital role in increasing your home’s entertainment.

Read on to learn the top three benefits of adding an outdoor audio system at your Newburyport, MA, residence.

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Lutron Lighting Control Releases RadioRA 3


Lutron lighting control brings a new generation of control to homeowners everywhere

The latest in lighting control is here! Lutron lighting control has released a new generation of devices with the Radio RA 3, perfect for your home in Portland, ME. The original Radio RA debuted in 1997, and Radio RA 2 debuted in 2009. RadioRA 3 features a line of wall controls with IoT connectivity and a light bar design, an all-in-one processor powered by PoE (power over ethernet), and more intuitive programming software and app. This technology makes it easy to use customizable controls and intuitive automation.

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What Is It Like to Live with Voice-Activated Lights?


Control the Lights & More with a Hands-Free Voice Command is one of the top voice control manufacturers in the industry right now. Their sleek design and respect for privacy has revolutionized an industry filled with smart speakers and voice assistants.

While smart homes already have easy-to-use control options, nothing beats the hands-free control you get with voice commands. Being able to manage the operation of your Newburyport, MA home’s devices with is a game changer! Voice activated lights, motorized shades, and whole-home music systems create a luxury living experience using natural language recognition and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

To learn more about what it’s like to live in a smart home with lights and more powered by – keep reading below.

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