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Choosing the Right Commercial Automation Solution for Your Business


Upgrade your control system with the help of our team!

In Portsmouth's dynamic business landscape, efficiency is a main focus for businesses looking to streamline their operations. Embracing cutting-edge technology like commercial automation can cut costs and boost productivity, keeping your business ahead of the competition. As the demand for automation grows in companies and industries of all sizes, choosing the right system for your needs is crucial.

Two industry leaders, Control4 and Crestron, offer options that transform commercial spaces into efficient, connected environments. While both have merits, they have unique strengths and capabilities that cater to different businesses and users. Below, we’ll review their offerings to determine the best fit for your New Hampshire business.

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Crestron: Elevating Commercial Automation

Crestron is a reliable choice for your business needs. With its renowned reputation for comprehensive automation tailored for commercial environments, its proven track record ensures that your operations will run smoothly, giving you the peace of mind you need. At Audio Video Experience, we have installed many Crestron systems that help easily elevate a business's automation.

Product Range and Focus Areas

Crestron specializes in video conferencing systems, AV-over-IP technology, scheduling solutions, and wireless conferencing technology for small conference rooms and large boardrooms. They target various markets, including enterprise, education, government, hospitality, and residential sectors, offering solutions to optimize collaboration, productivity, and space utilization.

User Experience, Integration, and Compatibility

Crestron emphasizes high-quality experiences and ensures users can effectively collaborate and communicate in remote environments. They offer extensive integration capabilities with other technologies and platforms, enabling nearly any customization you can imagine!

Control4: Seamless Business Automation

Control4 provides a comprehensive suite of products and solutions to enhance efficiency and customer experience in offices, restaurants, bars, and other public spaces. Imagine managing numerous TVs on different channels in a sports bar or seamlessly controlling your house of worship’s lighting, climate, and security systems. With Control4, this customization is all possible!

Product Range and Focus Areas

Control4 provides many products and solutions for smart homes and businesses, including smart lighting, climate control, security, and audio-video. They emphasize seamless integration and automation for residential and commercial spaces, with solutions tailored to enhance comfort, convenience, and security. This ease of use lets you be in control of your technology. 

Working with Us on Your Installation

Both Control4 and Crestron excel in delivering innovative solutions, but they appeal to different business needs based on specific preferences and usage. At Audio Video Experience, we like to consider Crestron's unparalleled advantages. Their commitment to excellence and proven track record offer unmatched reliability in the industry.

Our portfolio of Crestron installations across New Hampshire makes us the ideal partner for your automation needs. Contact our team when you’re ready to consider your next project!

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