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Smart Home Technology Makes Life Easier


Savant and Control4 Ensure Simple, Effortless, and Enjoyable Home Management

Your home is a place to relax, wind down after a busy day, and enjoy the best that life has to offer. In this same space, friends and family gather to enjoy meals, lively conversations are had, and movies and music are shared. For some, it’s also a workspace that demands uninterrupted periods of focused concentration. We ask a lot of our homes.

Before the widespread adoption of smart home technology, it took effort to juggle the various aspects of our lives and create the appropriate space for our many activities. Today, though, we can change the environment in our Portland-area homes with just one touch on a keypad, remote, or touchscreen.

Below, we’ll explore a few of the unique offerings Control4 and Savant smart home systems can provide to homeowners. Keep scrolling for more!

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