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How to Choose the Perfect Shade

A dining room with custom window treatments.

A Guide to Custom Window Treatments and Opacity

Customers investing in custom window treatments are consistently impressed with the transformation of their homes. Combining style with functionality, these perfect shades are one way to improve a space's ambiance, privacy, and energy efficiency. One aspect of custom window treatments worth exploring is how to choose the right shade opacity for each room.

Continue reading to learn how opacity levels can impact room functionality and privacy in your Newburyport, MA, residence.

Custom Window Treatments Offer Sophistication and Energy Savings

An elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub is framed by sophisticated custom window treatments.

Adding Shading Solutions Enhances Your Luxury Home and Lifestyle without Sacrificing Style

Custom window treatments transform a room, changing its appearance from incomplete and uninviting into a space full of ambiance. In addition to furnishing a final fit and finish, motorized shades are critical in providing privacy and protecting your possessions while managing energy costs. 

When integrated into a smart ecosystem and tunable lighting, your home enhances how you work, live, and play while improving your overall well-being. Available in styles and fabrics that compliment any décor, automated shades satisfy your needs to blend aesthetics with functionality. 

Do the possibilities for your Newburyport, MA, luxury home intrigue you? Continue reading to learn more. 

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