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Enhance the Guest Experience with a Restaurant Sound System


Improving Ambiance and Increasing Profits

Music is a powerful medium of communication. It can change our mood, bring back memories, and motivate us to finish that last mile. In your restaurant, it plays a significant role in setting the aesthetics and enhancing the customer’s experience. Walking into a restaurant with beautiful music playing at just the right volume sets the mood, creating a sense of anticipation for what’s to come. 

When the ambiance, food, beverage, and service align, you have the essential ingredients for success. According to one study by HUI Research, when the music matches your concept, it can increase your restaurant sales by more than 9%.

The question then becomes, not should I play music, but how do I get high-quality music throughout my Portsmouth, NH, restaurant? And, just as important, how do you simultaneously play different music and audio in different areas?

Let’s discover the secrets behind a high-performance restaurant sound system.

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High-Quality Music in a Restaurant

One of the concerns we commonly address is speakers. Clients wonder how many speakers it will take to fill their establishment with music and how much they’ll detract from their décor. Today’s architectural speakers enable our audio experts at Audio Video Experience to install barely visible in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. 

These deliver crystal-clear, impeccable sound while leaving a minimal footprint. We also offer wall-mounted indoor and outdoor speakers and landscape garden speakers for restaurants with patios and outdoor seating. These provide 360-degree coverage and enable you to stream wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Remember that, as a restaurant, you’ll need to play commercial streaming services or secure music licenses to avoid steep fines.

Setting Up Different Zones

We’ll also program different zones, enabling your team to play audio in the bar, dining, and outdoor areas. These systems also integrate with TVs, creating a more immersive experience when watching the big games. User-friendly, staff select the location, source, and volume from a high-resolution touchscreen or remote.

The Type of Music

Classical music is associated with fine dining. It may even influence diners to perceive the food as higher quality and improve the taste. Louder music attracts the younger generations. Knowing your target market and customer demographics is the key to the right music.

Slow-paced music tends to increase sales, offering an environment conducive to sitting for a spell, relaxing, and buying another beverage or dessert. Of course, if you have a small seating area that requires a high turnover, faster music can speed up the dining experience.

On the other hand, no music creates a quieter restaurant all around. Your guests don’t enjoy their conversations as much because the people next to them can overhear their discussion. The clatter of dishes in the background becomes even more apparent. 

Enhancing the Restaurant Environment

Nielsen Music reported that 85% of diners prefer restaurants with background music, helping them feel comfortable and relaxed. At Audio Video Experience, we help restaurants enhance their guests’ experience by designing and installing high-fidelity audio systems. To learn more about the options in restaurant sound systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Video Experience today.

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