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Why Builders and Designers Prefer Hunter Douglas Shades


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For several compelling reasons, we prefer to use Hunter Douglas shades when we partner with builders and designers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Known for its superior quality, variety, and customization options, Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of shades that cater to diverse aesthetic and functional needs. This makes them a versatile choice for both residential and commercial properties. At Audio Video Experience, we can help answer any questions about the products, options, and installation process.

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Lutron versus Hunter Douglas

One of the primary reasons we favor Hunter Douglas shades is their wide variety. Hunter Douglas provides various shade types, including roller, Roman, cellular, and more. Each type comes in multiple materials, such as fabrics, wood, and metal, and is available in many colors, patterns, and textures. This extensive selection allows designers to match the shades perfectly with any interior design scheme, whether modern, traditional, or eclectic. 

In contrast, while Lutron shades are known for their sleek, high-tech solutions, their range of styles and materials is somewhat limited compared to Hunter Douglas. Lutron focuses heavily on automation and integration with smart home systems, ideal for tech-savvy clients looking for cutting-edge solutions. However, Hunter Douglas is better for clients who prioritize aesthetic customization, variety, and material options. Additionally, their shades can also be integrated into various smart home platforms for enhanced control. 

Price Range

Another significant advantage of Hunter Douglas shades is their wide price range. They offer products at various prices, making them accessible to a broader audience. Whether a client wants high-end luxury shades or a more affordable yet stylish option, Hunter Douglas can accommodate their budget. This flexibility benefits builders and designers working on projects with varying budgets. 

On the other hand, all Lutron shades tend to be positioned at the more expensive end of the market. Their higher costs can be a limiting factor for clients with tighter budgets. Therefore, Hunter Douglas provides a more cost-effective yet still high-quality alternative for projects where budget is a significant consideration. 

Choosing Between Lutron and Hunter Douglas

When deciding between Lutron and Hunter Douglas shades, it’s helpful to consider your clients’ needs and preferences. Lutron shades are an excellent choice if clients prioritize advanced technology, seamless integration with smart home systems, and a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Lutron’s motorized shades can be controlled via smartphones, tablets, or voice commands, offering unparalleled convenience and sophistication.

However, Hunter Douglas is typically the preferred option for clients who value a broader selection of styles, materials, and price points. Hunter Douglas shades can also be motorized and integrated into smart home systems, but their real strength lies in their design flexibility and affordability. 

Working With Us on Installations

While both Hunter Douglas and Lutron offer high-quality shades, Hunter Douglas stands out for its variety and design flexibility. These factors make it a favored choice among builders and designers in Portsmouth, NH, who want to meet diverse client needs and preferences. If you’d like to learn more about the options available, contact us today!

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