Natural Lighting Design with Automatic Blinds


Motorized Shades Provide Natural Light & Protect Your Interiors

Lighting can have a powerful sway on your home environment. But while home lighting control can help illuminate areas of your property that might be hard to reach, your motorized shades can blanket your home in natural sunlight with zero hassle.

Automatic blinds provide an ideal home lighting design for your Portsmouth, NH property that can elevate your home’s aesthetics and add daily convenience to your lifestyle. Keep reading below to learn how motorized window treatments can brighten up – and protect – your whole home.


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Bask in the Glow

Getting a regular dose of vitamin D is crucial – especially after a year spent mostly indoors. Keeping your circadian rhythm on track can benefit your mental and physical health and help you stay energized throughout the day until it’s time to turn in for bed. But if you’re working from home or getting tasks and chores done, catching some sun rays proves to be more and more difficult as the day goes on.

Motorized shades allow you to set or schedule them to raise up and let the natural sunlight in at optimum times during the day. Let the soft and gentle morning light wake you up in the morning and as you prep your coffee to get started for the day. As the sunshine begins to get more intense – and hot in the summer – your shades can then lower to insulate your home and prevent solar heat gain. Sheer shades can still let some sunlight peek through, while more opaque fabrics can block the sun out completely.

Then in the hazy afternoon lighting, your automatic blinds can lift once more, letting you enjoy the sunset in your family room or while you catch up on a new TV series. The lighting will help you wind down from the day’s activities and prepare you for a good night’s rest!

Conceal & Protect

Not only do the harsh sun rays tend to cause you discomfort – but they can also cause damage to your most precious possessions. Automated shades can protect your valuables, such as vintage and antique furniture, prized artwork, and more by simply lowering at set hours throughout the day.

Furthermore, your window treatments can integrate with your climate control system. When the temperature inside gets a bit too heated, your smart thermostat can alert your shades to lower in order to cover your windows and keep those harmful sun rays away from your interiors.

Are you ready to find out more about automatic blinds and how they can benefit you? Give our team at Audio Video Experience a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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