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What Can Commercial Window Treatments Do for Your Business?

Don’t Overlook the Benefits Motorized Shades Can Bring to Your Business

When thinking about all the smart technology you want to add to your business, commercial window treatments probably aren’t at the top of the list. That’s mostly because motorized shades aren’t flashy, and many business owners don’t immediately see the significant value they bring to the workplace.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into why you shouldn’t overlook commercial window treatments and uncover three benefits you’ll see after a professional installation. 

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Enhance Energy Savings

Businesses all over the world are working to reduce their carbon footprint. Why not utilize the sunlight to the best of your ability to reduce yours? Motorized window treatments allow you to program shading to rise at the sunniest times of the day so that the warm sunlight can shine through the windows of your business, keeping your office warmer the natural way. During the summertime, motorized shades can automatically lower during the brightest parts of the day, keeping excess heat in check.

Perhaps the coolest perk of commercial window treatments is that they can integrate with your property’s HVAC system and be informed by in-room temperature sensors, so there’s less need to waste money and energy when the sun can warm up the room or lowering your shades can keep it cool.

Protect Productivity

In addition to protecting your energy bill each month, commercial window treatments can help keep your team focused and engaged in their work throughout the day. Whenever the sun creates a glare on an employee’s computer screen, they won’t have to get up from their desk to lower each shade individually. They can simply press a button on your in-wall keypad to adjust the shading as necessary and get back to crossing off tasks on their to-do list.

Want to hear something even better? Lutron’s Hyperion solar-adaptive shading eliminates this situation entirely. Radio window sensors communicate the measured daylight from outside to the motorized blinds to block direct and reflected sunlight from hitting your teams’ computer screens.

An Endless Selection of Fabric

You’ve worked hard on your business’s interior design, and it’s important that your motorized shades don’t take away from the atmosphere. That makes selecting the right fabric for your commercial window treatments imperative.

Lutron offers a wide selection of fabric options for commercial window treatments that include sheers, translucent, or blackout fabrics. Sheer fabrics filter sunlight while giving your team the ability to see the outside world with ease. Translucent fabrics have tighter weaves that dim bright sunlight into a diffused light and provide privacy. Finally, blackout fabrics are opaque and block all light while providing complete privacy.

Are you ready to find out more about how our commercial window treatments can benefit your business? Audio Video Experience is a tenured group of professionals who have years of experience installing motorized window treatments for restaurants, schools, and all types and sizes of businesses. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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