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Outdoor Shades Add Comfort and Convenience to Your Clients Homes

Backyard patio with dramatic foliage, contrasting wood tones and rustic, sophisticated furnishing.

Discover How Expanding and Protecting Outdoor Spaces Enhances a Homeowner's Enjoyment and Satisfaction 

Designing for luxury clients requires more than efficient use of space; our clients demand living spaces that enhance everyday living. As architects and designers, there are equal demands to make a space reflect individual personality, lifestyle, and practical requirements. 

As the days of warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours approach, offering ways to improve outdoor living and entertaining are in high demand. For many, the summer months mean treating backyard spaces as seasonal bonus rooms, meaning professionally installed outdoor shades increase useability, comfort, and privacy. 

Are you seeking a professional trade partner to meet your Newburyport, MA, client's desires this summer? Continue reading to learn more. 

Simplify Your Daily Lifestyle with Home Automation Services


Technology Elevates the Way You Live, Relax, and Otherwise Enjoy Your Property

Home should be a place that you enjoy, whether it’s relaxing at the end of a long workday or spending quality time with your family. You can achieve comfort, convenience, and luxury with home automation services from Audio Video Experience.

We’ve helped homeowners in Portland, ME and beyond by adding technology that seamlessly blends into their lifestyle and décor. Read on below to learn more about what smart home automation can do for your home.




Every aspect of your home was designed to offer superior comfort, sophistication, and luxury for you and your family. Yet, your home can provide so much more through smart home automation that will create a far more enjoyable living environment.

Smart home technology won't just complement your Boston, MA home. It will elevate it with customizable features designed for every aspect of your indoor and outdoor living experience.

Keep reading to find out how adding this smart technology will maximize your home's luxury and sophistication.

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