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Outdoor Shades Add Comfort and Convenience to Your Clients Homes

Backyard patio with dramatic foliage, contrasting wood tones and rustic, sophisticated furnishing.

Discover How Expanding and Protecting Outdoor Spaces Enhances a Homeowner's Enjoyment and Satisfaction 

Designing for luxury clients requires more than efficient use of space; our clients demand living spaces that enhance everyday living. As architects and designers, there are equal demands to make a space reflect individual personality, lifestyle, and practical requirements. 

As the days of warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours approach, offering ways to improve outdoor living and entertaining are in high demand. For many, the summer months mean treating backyard spaces as seasonal bonus rooms, meaning professionally installed outdoor shades increase useability, comfort, and privacy. 

Are you seeking a professional trade partner to meet your Newburyport, MA, client's desires this summer? Continue reading to learn more. 

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Beat the Heat in Style

We all enjoy getting outside in warmer weather, the sun on our faces, the gentle breeze, and having a wide and unobstructed view all around us. Like all good things, though, too much sun can result in overheating and sunburn; outdoor shades enable you to reduce the effects, making spaces more comfortable. 

Our team assesses a client's needs and the physical space to provide the perfect products, crafting a plan to meet them. Whether specifying mounting options, automation interfaces, or offering sensors and manual control, we supply solutions that satisfy the individual and the bottom line. 

Privacy and Protection in an Instant

Spending time in the backyard evokes a sense of calm and relaxation at any hour but especially at sunrise and sunset. Whether it is the green of a manicured lawn, the blue sparkle of the pool, or the depth of stars at night, having a clear view soothes the soul. 

However, there are times when a homeowner seeks a bit more privacy, away from potential peering eyes. With the swipe of an app to lower the shades, they can enjoy the freedom to shuffle out in PJs for breakfast. The architecturally focused material lowers smoothly to obscure the details for those looking while engaging in a quick workout, changing the kids out of wet clothes, or having a romantic dinner without worry. 

Building Beautiful Homes, Together 

At Audio Video Experience, we are passionate about building living spaces that elevate the way homeowners live, work, and play—indoors or out. We work diligently to foster collaborative trust with trade partners, exceeding clients' expectations and fulfilling your requirements. Are you ready to build more functional and beautiful homes together? Start the conversation by calling us at (603) 601-1050 or filling out our online contact sheet. We look forward to working with you!

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