The Innovative Benefits of Lutron Motorized Shades


How Can Automatic Blinds Enhance Your Living Space?

You’ve more than likely heard of smart motorized shades before; you might even wonder – what can this smart solution do for my home? While at first appearing as a modest addition to your Newburyport, MA home, automated blinds soon prove their worth far beyond simply providing a convenient way to raise and lower your shades.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top benefits of this smart technology and how it can enhance your daily lifestyle in your home. Want to find out more? Keep reading below.


Endless Design Options

Adding shades to any room might sound like a hindrance to your personal interior design choices. But Lutron motorized shades won’t obstruct your existing décor; they’ll instead elevate it completely. Lutron has a variety of shading options you can choose for your home, depending on which room or area you’re planning on installing them. Pick from different styles, patterns, colors, and materials – as well as different models. From Roman shades or honeycomb treatments to sheer or opaque fabrics, the choices are limitless!


A Focus on Aesthetics

As we mentioned above, Lutron aims to merge the gap between functionality and style. Your shades won’t just appear beautiful in your living space; they’ll give its overall aesthetics a major boost. Installed to be pleasing to the eye while offering optimal shading, your automated blinds are designed to be a concluding piece in your interior design plans.

Go for a more traditional look or modernize a room with your choice of shades, all while creating an inviting and comfortable space. Simply push a button to raise the shades to illuminate the room with natural sunlight and lower them again to return your space to its normal elegant appearance.


Integrates Seamlessly

Lutron motorized shades will never be a hassle to bring to your smart home system. This solution is specifically designed to integrate into your existing systems with zero resistance. Now you can use one centralized source to manage your whole smart home. Use the same smart device to lower your automated blinds that you do to turn on your multi-room audio and arm your security system. It’s that easy to bring your motorized window treatments into the fold.


Go Green with Motorized Shades

Did you know that automated blinds can reduce your carbon footprint as well? When our team at Audio Video Experience professionally installs your shades, there is a space created between the shading material and the window’s glass. This small but crucial space is called an “air gap,” and it produces natural insulation throughout your home. The gap will keep cold or warm air inside and prevent it from escaping through the glass, depending on what time of year it is. You can even choose honeycomb shades that have a built-in air gap design, with pockets of air providing added insulation.

Set your shades to lower anytime your smart thermostat detects a change in your home’s internal temperature so that the lowering of your shades brings the degree back to where it was. This prevents your HVAC system from having to go into overdrive when your shades can simply do the trick. You’ll lower your bills and your energy usage all in one go.

From improved energy efficiency to elevated design, automated blinds have more benefits than you might have first realized. Want to find out more about this smart solution?


Give our team at Audio Video Experience a call or fill out our online contact form here. We look forward to assisting you!

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