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The Top Features of a Personalized Control4 Smart Home


Manage Your Home and Lifestyle Effortlessly with Home Automation

Smart homes offer unparalleled ease of control and convenience. Instead of using multiple remotes, light switches, shade cords, and apps, you and your family can control your shades, lighting, entertainment systems, climate, and security from one device. 

Even better? The “automation” part of smart homes refers to their ability to perform tasks automatically throughout the day, without any effort on your part. We’ll program the system to align with your everyday needs and lifestyle, creating a home that welcomes you when you arrive and goes to sleep with you at the end of the day. 

At Audio Video Experience, we specialize in tailored automated solutions. To provide our clients with the best experience, we partner with companies using the latest cutting-edge technology like Control4. Let’s explore a few of their unique offerings.

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The Personalized Control4 Smart Home

One way we customize your smart home is by creating preset scenes unique to your lifestyle. Here are just a few of the many examples:

  • Program a “Good Morning” scene to automatically open the shades at sunrise, slowly bring up the lighting to the color of the early morning sun, and start the “Rise and Shine” playlist softly streaming through your bedroom and kitchen.
  • When having friends over, tap the “Entertainment” button. The lights settle into the color of candlelight while the shades facing the backyard rise to reveal your landscape lights that resemble starlight, and your front-facing shades close for privacy. Your "Party" playlist streams through your home and yard, and the indoor and outdoor fireplaces ignite.
  • When it’s time for bed, simply say “Good Night,” and your home turns off the lights and AV equipment while locking the doors and setting the alarm. 

Those are just a few of the almost infinite possibilities with today’s home automation systems. Geofencing enables us to turn on certain lights and set the temperature just before you arrive home. Smart appliances allow you to preset the oven while at the office or make extra ice when company is expected. 

Intercom Anywhere

Control4’s unique Intercom Anywhere feature lets you communicate with any room in your home from your smartphone and Control4 touchscreens. Check in on the kids when you’re away or on a business trip, greet guests and unlock the door if they arrive before you do, and observe and speak with anyone approaching your front door—no matter where you are in the world.

Come See for Yourself

It’s difficult to fully grasp the remarkable changes this type of technology brings to your daily life. So that our clients can experience smart home automation firsthand, we created a state-of-the-art showroom on the seacoast in New Hampshire with easy access from Maine. Come explore the many possibilities. 

At Audio Video Experience Inc, we specialize in personalized, high-performance home automation solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives. To learn more about Control4 smart homes or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Video Experience today. 

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