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Enjoy High-Performance Audio and Video Throughout Your Home

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Bring Your AV System Up-to-Date with the Latest Audio Video Installation

It’s easy to take the technology we've grown accustomed to for granted. We flip a light switch, and our rooms are illuminated. When we have an unanswered question, we jump on the internet. When we wake up, we turn on the morning news to find out about the day's events. When we return home at night, we stream our “Relaxing” playlist. 

When you think about it, our audio-video systems are some of our most frequently used devices. From morning to evening, we tune in, using this technology to entertain, energize, and comfort. Is your AV system serving you well, or is it time for a smart audio-video installation

Let’s explore the possibilities and what a whole-home audio video system can offer your home in Gloucester, MA.

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Our Current AV Systems

For many of us, our audio-video system is somewhat fragmented. It consists of various AV equipment in every room controlled by numerous remotes. We stream movies and music from smart TVs, computers, and smartphones. We listen to our vinyl collection in the den unless we're one of the fortunate few to have a dedicated listening room. We bring our Bluetooth outside to enjoy music on the patio. 

A whole-home audio-video system changes that. Now, all our audio and video devices are controlled via one easy-to-use platform, and all your separate pieces of equipment are consolidated. 

With a distributed AV system, you’ll experience high-performance sound and images throughout our home and outdoor areas. For those who have yet to experience this technology, it may sound like a dream. But, for those who have embraced it, there’s no going back. 

High-Performance Music and Movies for Everyone

At Audio Video Experience, we design customized, scalable audio-video solutions unique to every client. For some, this may translate to the ultimate audio-video experience in one room. For others, it encompasses their whole home. 

To accomplish this, we centralize the AV equipment, neatly housing media players, gaming devices, satellite or cable boxes, streaming media, turntables, and other equipment in a closet. From there, it’s distributed to every room and outdoor space to 4K HDR TVs and in-wall, in-ceiling, bookshelf, and landscape speakers that blend seamlessly with your home's design. The result is brilliant images and high-resolution audio that fills the air. 

Select and Enjoy

Now, you can enjoy simple access to music, movies, sports, and gaming, no matter the source. Perfectly synced audio and video mean you can watch the big game in the living room and head out to the patio TV without missing a play. Built-in music services provide access to millions of songs on high-resolution streaming services like TIDAL, Deezer, and Amazon. Every family member can enjoy their own audio or video selections simultaneously or stream one beautiful melody throughout the home.

At Audio Video Experience, we combine the best products in audio and video technology with home automation, creating beautiful entertainment spaces and the smart home of your dreams. To learn more about the latest audio video installation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Audio Video Experience today. 

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