What Is It Like to Live with Voice-Activated Lights?


Control the Lights & More with a Hands-Free Josh.ai Voice Command

Josh.ai is one of the top voice control manufacturers in the industry right now. Their sleek design and respect for privacy has revolutionized an industry filled with smart speakers and voice assistants.

While smart homes already have easy-to-use control options, nothing beats the hands-free control you get with voice commands. Being able to manage the operation of your Newburyport, MA home’s devices with Josh.ai is a game changer! Voice activated lights, motorized shades, and whole-home music systems create a luxury living experience using natural language recognition and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

To learn more about what it’s like to live in a smart home with lights and more powered by Josh.ai – keep reading below.

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Easy to Use

A smart home system powered by Josh.ai is designed to be simple enough for everyone in the home to utilize – children, adults, older people, and everyone in-between are able to intuitively manage and operate the home using natural language voice commands. There’s no need to memorize clunky phrases or repeat requests like with other voice assistant software. You can speak normally, and your lights will switch on or off based on your needs. Josh is even intelligent enough to understand special smart scenes based on the location of your voice.

For example, saying “Hey Josh, make the room brighter” while standing in the kitchen will operate different window shades and lights than when you say it in the bedroom. This contextual awareness is a feature that sets Josh.ai apart from the rest of the industry’s voice assistants.

Pattern Recognition

Voice activated lights and other smart home devices begin recognizing your daily patterns thanks to Josh’s intelligent processing power. Going beyond responding only to your commands, the intuitive voice assistant can adjust the lights and thermostats within your home based on your usual routines.

Zero Data Leaks

You can always delete or override any settings learned by Josh.ai, and you can rest easy knowing the company will not sell your data to third-party vendors for marketing. The ultimate goal of voice and pattern recognition like this is to provide homeowners with maximum comfort and convenience.

Josh Micro & Nano

Josh Micro is a small palm-sized device that you can wall-mount or place on a coffee table or nightstand. The touch-sensitive device can adjust with a simple tap. However, you can also enjoy complete hands-free control by using voice commands.

If you’d prefer a more covert device for integrated voice control in your home, you can utilize the Josh Nano, a tiny device that perfectly blends with the walls and ceilings of your smart home. The concealed design minimizes the technology footprint, so your home design and décor tastes can shine.

Josh.ai + Lutron

Lutron recently announced a Josh.ai-ready wallplate that integrates voice control into the power and beauty of a Lutron keypad. You’ll now be able to experience the flexibility of having an architectural microphone with the functionality of a Lutron system. And for users that want to ensure their privacy is always protected, a physical on/off toggle for the Josh.ai microphone is easily within reach.

Are you ready to get voice-activated lights, shades, music and more for your smart home? Audio Video Experience is now a proud Josh.ai dealer, and we can’t wait to bring the best voice control solutions to your Newburyport, MA, residence. Fill out our contact form to learn more.

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