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The Importance of Professional Home Security Camera Installation

A home security camera keeps an eye on activity outside your home.

Maximize Your Security System’s Capabilities with Professional Guidance

There are many good reasons for installing home security cameras. Whether you choose this to improve your peace of mind, keep a closer eye on children or pets, or want to protect your assets, there is immense value in taking home security precautions.

However, purchasing a home security camera is just the start. As with many things, proper installation is key to maximizing effectiveness. If you’re considering a security camera for your home in Newburyport, MA, continue reading to uncover why a professional installation is the best way to go.

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Why Professional Installation Matters

Every home is unique, from its layout to the placement of your most precious possessions. Because of this, there's no one-size-fits-all answer for where to place home security cameras. With the guidance of professionals like the Audio Video Experience team, homeowners can feel more confident that they are utilizing all of the capabilities their security system has to offer. A team of experts can provide knowledgeable recommendations based on their experience and take into account the unique features of your home.

Key Considerations for Camera Installation

Here are some essential items to consider when choosing where to place your home security cameras.

Camera Placements

Every home has vulnerable spots, and a professional will assess your home's layout and prioritize these key areas.

  • Doors – Burglaries often happen through front or back doors, so having exterior cameras above all entrances is important.
  • Driveway – A visible overhead camera near the garage can work to deter potential intruders who may attempt entry via the garage.
  • Interiors – Cameras near off-street windows, common areas, valuables, and stairways cover spaces intruders may seek out.

Camera Angles 

Once the camera is installed in the correct place, we have to ensure that it’s pointing at the right angle. Our professionals check to ensure cameras are angled to capture a maximum area.

Camera Height 

Installing cameras at the correct heights means they cannot be interfered with. Exterior cameras, for example, may be installed at a second-story level to ensure they are up and away from passers-by. Interior cameras should be placed closer to the ceiling to avoid everyday house traffic.

Wireless Signal Strength 

Many homeowners choose wireless cameras for ease of installation and to avoid cords. But these cameras are only as good as the wireless signals they receive. A weak or spotty signal can make your home security cameras ineffective. Let our professional team evaluate and improve wireless connectivity in your home to ensure better reliability.

Rely on a Professional 

We believe homeowners deserve to feel at peace knowing their homes and loved ones are safe while away. And while purchasing a home security camera system is a good first step, ensuring it's installed correctly is equally important. By contracting knowledgeable professionals to assist with installing your security cameras, you're investing in greater peace of mind. 

If you're considering new home security cameras for your Newburyport, MA, home, contact us at Audio Video Excellence to schedule a consultation.

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