The Benefits of a Commercial AV System


Audio Video Distribution Livens Up & Improves Your Commercial Spaces

In public places, one of the many things that can bring everyone together is, quite simply: media. Entertainment and informative broadcasting can hold people’s attention and spread information more quickly than ever before in history. When you bring AV distribution to your Meredith, MA business, you are creating a welcoming space that people will want to visit, and even revisit!

A commercial AV system has its place in a variety of businesses, giving each a new, reinvigorated atmosphere. In this blog, we’ll dive into how this setup can benefit your specific commercial space – keep reading on below to learn more!


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The Simplicity of Smart AV Distribution

Imagine being able to control every TV and high-end speaker throughout your space with just a press of a button? This is what a professional audio video installation can bring to your business. Installed screens and in-wall speakers throughout the building are easily controlled by either you or employees via a single, centralized source.

Simply grab a smart device or tablet and adjust volume, change channels, use the intercom system, or decide which technologies stay on or off. Create audio zones and determine when and where music is played or change which type of genre is streaming in different areas of the building, depending on preferences and time of day. It’s that easy.

From Restaurants to Schools

While AV distribution improves workdays in the office and streamlines every meeting and presentation – this setup absolutely elevates commercial spaces like restaurants, schools, and more, as well.

Any dining establishment can utilize an audio video system from Audio Video Experience. A bar area will benefit from installed TVs, either all playing the same big game, or perhaps different channels and sports teams at patrons’ requests. The quieter areas of the dining floor can enjoy drama-based shows and movies or simply listen to pleasant-sounding background music. More elegant restaurants can play instrumental arrangements to dine by, while outdoor areas can get a little louder. Those audio zones mentioned above can come in handy when playing different media in the main dining area, private rooms, and even the bathroom or other common spaces.

For a school campus, an AV system can get information across to students and teachers alike in a quick and efficient manner. An intercom system immediately allows you to make announcements, while digital visual displays can keep long-term events and news up for everyone to see. Make changes to the bullets listed out, upload an educational or motivational video to play, and even stream background music through high-traffic or lobby areas. You can set the mood and create a learning environment that everyone benefits from.

Look to Audio Video Experience

Does a commercial AV installation sound like the right fit for your property? Work with our team of professionals at Audio Video Experience. Our expertise and knowledge in the industry will deliver a completed project that will welcome and entertain your business patrons for years and years to come.

Want to find out more about this system and our installation services? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form here. We’d love to hear from you!

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