Smart Automation Advances with Remote Lighting Control

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Discover What Many of Our Partners Already Know: The Wonder of Controlling a Room’s Atmosphere Remotely

If convenience, energy savings, and heightened security are what you have in mind, remote lighting control is your answer. Whether working with commercial clients or designing a new residential build, it's essential to include automation aspects throughout. 

Controlling the lights via a remote brings accessibility to a new level. Lighting control is helpful in various settings, so keep reading to learn more about how you can include it in your next Newburyport, MA, project!

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The Advantages of Controlled Lighting

One of the best aspects of lighting control is that it doesn't discriminate when it comes to location. Whether you aim to put it in a home or throughout the conference rooms of a commercial office, lighting control options always complement a space. 

Undeniable Convenience

Remote lighting allows all users to operate lights in a specified area with the touch of a button. It's up to them which method they use, be it smartphone, tablet, or wall-mounted panel. Larger properties thrive when lighting control is involved, primarily because controlling every light manually is a tedious challenge. 

Energy Efficiency

When lights are under remote control, users can turn them on and off when needed without leaving the couch or boardroom. Not only is this fantastic for those looking to save money on utility bills, but it's also great for our planet. Selling or renting any residential or commercial property becomes instantly easier when you involve remote lighting control. 

Increased Security

Who wouldn't love a little extra security for their home or business? Access to lights from a distance can create the illusion of an occupied space, even when vacant. This illusion can deter intruders in commercial and residential areas. Plus, leaving work or home and forgetting to turn off the lights is no longer an issue!

Improved Ambiance

Systems with customizable settings are what lighting control is all about, and a properly installed system can set any mood instantly. Users can adjust the temperature and color of the lights to encourage productivity during the day and relaxation at night. 

Complete Integration

Our partners love access to our remote lighting control options because they're easily integrated with other smart devices, from thermostats to security cameras. Whoever accesses and uses the automation regularly can do so from one platform. 

Instantly Improve Any Space with Audio Video Experience

Lighting control enhances the look and feel of almost any space instantly. The flexibility, ease, and aesthetically pleasing aspects accompanying remote lighting are imperative to modern homes and businesses. If you're ready to learn more about what we have to offer regarding home automation and lighting control options, contact the Audio Video Experience team today! 

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