Is it Time to Upgrade Your Home Theater System Now That Football Season is Here?


Top Considerations for Home Theater Systems: Short Throw Projectors and Surround Sound

Are you ready to cheer on our home state's New England Patriots? Or maybe you’re cheering on a different team this season. Regardless of who you’re rooting for, gameday is here, and homeowners in Newburyport, MA, are pulling out all the stops, getting ready to make this the best football season to date!

So how exactly are they gearing up for football season? They’re upgrading their home theater systems and audio/video setups, installing equipment that immerses their friends and family members in the sounds and images of the season. Let’s take a look below at a few of the changes taking place.

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Your Space

The first question is, where is the best place in your home to watch the game? Some homeowners have the perfect room ready for a designated home theater. Others want more of a party atmosphere, a place to come together to kick back, maybe even play a game of pool while cheering on their favorite team. 

You don’t need a separate space to make the most of game day. Today’s technology has created the means to provide best-in-class entertainment in media rooms as well as family rooms. It’s all about using the right equipment that won’t diffuse a home’s design. 

Short Throw Projector Systems

You also don’t need a mega 85” flat-panel 4K HDR TV mounted to the wall, although it’s certainly an option! Nor is it required to have a large projector hanging down from the ceiling or tucked away in a closet. Today’s advances in short throw and ultra-short throw projection systems have truly revolutionized today’s video experience

Through the use of mirrors and lenses, these projectors can create very large, like 150-inches large, images on a screen from very short distances. Many only require a few inches from the wall to splash these images across the screen. This means your projector can be nicely hidden in a small cabinet beneath the viewing area, with the motorized screen simply rolling down from the ceiling when you’re ready to watch the game. 

The best news is that these projectors deliver brilliant, bright 4K images, even in a room with some ambient light. Of course, to minimize any light interference, we can always install automated blackout shades on any windows in the room. 

Surround Sound

Why do people fight through traffic, wait in long lines, and bear brutally cold weather to attend a Patriot’s game at Gillette Stadium? It’s the excitement and camaraderie of cheering on your team with 60,000-plus other fans! 

Integrating a surround sound system into your home theater or media room design makes you feel as if you’re there in the stands. You'll hear, in crystal-clear audio, the screaming spectators, excited sportscasters, and hushed silence as the quarterback releases the football in a last-minute touchdown attempt. 

Through the use of high-quality hidden in-wall and in-ceiling speakers strategically placed by experienced technicians, the sound immerses each viewer. It's not coming from the TV or projector, but surrounding them, pulling them into the game and making them feel like they are part of the action. Add an in-wall subwoofer, and you'll not only hear the deep, low frequencies but feel them. 

If you’d like to combine your new equipment with smart home technology, our certified technicians will program a "Game Day" scene. With one touch on your smartphone, tablet, or on-wall keypad, the screen and blackout shades roll down as the game begins. 

At Audio Video Experience, we take our football seriously. We also take pride in delivering best-in-class home automated solutions that make life easy and enjoyable. To learn more about our services or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact Audio Video Experience today. 

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