How a Whole Home Audio System Can Transform the Holidays


Fill Your Home and Backyard With the Sounds of the Season

That time of year is quickly approaching. The season that brings holiday music ringing through the streets, cafes, and homes in Portland, ME. One of the best ways to get this same feeling of holiday joy and good cheer in your home is through a whole-home audio system. Read on to learn what this type of system can do for you and your family and friends this holiday season. 

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What Is a Whole Home Audio System?

whole-home audio system distributes high-quality music and other audio throughout your home and into the backyard. It does this through discreetly tucked-away receivers and amplifiers and speakers placed throughout your home.

In-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers leave your home's design unflawed. The whole dynamic range of music, from deep bass to the higher frequencies, seems to fill the house, immersing you in sound. 

Not only can music and other media follow you throughout your home, but we can set each room up to play different music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more from various sources at the same time. Of course, there's no better mood-setter than holiday music drifting throughout your home and into the yard. 

Start the Festivities

You'll be controlling your whole home audio system from a touchscreen, remote control, or smartphone. Just one touch will start the holiday cheer with your favorite songs. Before your guests arrive, check out some of the holiday playlists on your favorite streaming music services, like TIDAL, Napster, TuneIn, or Pandora, or create your own. 

Because your audio system enables you to choose from different sources, you can start the festivities with some tunes from your playlists before switching over to your holiday albums on the turntable. If your piano has an audio source, you can even hook it up to the system and let the musician of the house share their favorite renditions as everyone sings along. The music will ring through every speaker of the home, filling it with merriment and joy.

Keep Everyone Happy

With an easy, intuitive user interface, managing your audio is beyond simple. You can accept any favorite holiday requests and, with just a few taps, the rockin' holiday music has settled into a calm, relaxing melody. Is the volume too loud in the living room and too muted outside? The volume in every space can be adjusted accordingly. 

After dinner, when the kids have retired to the game room, they may make the quick decision to switch out the tenth rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” for some video games. One touch on a tablet can switch the source and let the fun begin. 

Sync Your Holiday Lights

Yes, you can sync your holiday lights to your new music system, which means that your neighbors will either love your holiday spirit or start a petition. Play your favorite holiday soundtrack or streaming service from outdoor speakers to synchronize with your lights. We can also program this display of holiday cheer for when your guests are scheduled to arrive and then limit the music to the home and backyard once the festivities begin.


At Audio Video Experience, we take the time to understand our client’s needs and wants and what cutting-edge technology solutions would create the lifestyle of their dreams. To learn more about our services or to schedule a no-obligation consultation, contact Audio Video Experience today. 

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