Home Lighting Control Elevates Your Daily Life


3 Reasons to Bring This Smart Solution to Your Home

Whether it’s waking you up in the morning, helping you catch a few more chapters before bed while everyone else is asleep, or illuminating your entire house – lighting has the power to transform and impact every part of our lives.

The lighting in your Boston, MA living space impacts your morning and evening, and every moment in between. That’s why smart home lighting control is so essential for your everyday lifestyle. The ability to manage every part of your lighting system with ease is a must for your daily routine – and we’ll show you why below.

Keep reading on to learn how this smart solution can elevate and add value to your whole property.


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One-Touch, Centralized Control

Smart lighting control, like other home automation features, simplifies managing your system as a whole. With just a single button press, you can command every lighting fixture in your home from one centralized source. Lighting control systems from Control4 and Savant are dependable and easy to use. Integrating your lighting with the rest of your smart home systems will not only be easy – but intuitive! One button can control every component of your setup.

Using your smart device of choice – such as your smartphone, tablet, wall panel or keypad, or remote – you can turn on the lights downstairs and in the upstairs hallways, dim your family room lights, or brighten up your kitchen fixtures in one go.

With just a click, lighting can enhance your comfort and convenience, as well as improving your personal stylistic choices. You can liven up your interior design in seconds by setting up spotlights, elegant fixtures, wall sconces, and more. It’s that easy.


Set & Schedule Scenes

“Scenes” can make managing your lighting system even more fun. By creating and setting scenes, you can completely change a room design and mood. A morning scene, for example, can slowly turn on the lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallway – gradually waking you up and prepping you for the day. Your kitchen lights can turn on as well, ready for you to prepare breakfast in the illumination.

A movie night scene can dim your lights to just the right setting or turn them off completely, while a dinner scene might change the color intensity or tone and turn off the lights in every area except the dining room. You can schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times as well. Set your landscape lighting to start to turn on as the sun begins to set, and for it to turn off the next morning at sunrise.


Add A Layer of Security

Lighting is not only a luxury or aesthetically pleasing feature; it can have a significant impact on your smart home security!

Integrate your lighting and shading control with your smart security system and fool potential thieves into steering clear of your home while you’re away. How does this work? You can utilize a “mockupancy” scene while you’re gone to set your lights and shades to operate as usual – even though you’re not home.

Burglars will see your lights turning on and off just as if your house were occupied. Unlikely to attempt a break-in while you’re home, they’ll avoid your property. You’ll return home to a safe and secure space!

Landscape lighting can also help to clarify captured surveillance footage. When your motion detectors sense movement, your outdoor lighting can flood the area – scaring off unwanted guests and providing a clearer, brighter picture on your video.


Elevate your home in a variety of ways with home lighting control – want to learn more about this smart home solution and what it can do for your lifestyle? Give our team a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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