Considering a Lighting Control Update? Check Out These Trends

A study has dimmed lighting in the evening to help with relaxation.

Transform Living Spaces and Simplify Daily Routines with Lighting Control Solutions

If you already have a home lighting control solution, you already know the daily convenience it can bring to your life. However, if you’re new to home lighting controls, these trends are something to consider; you can transform your home and your daily routine with lighting control solutions. 

Continue reading to learn about the latest trends in lighting control and how homeowners are illuminating life in Gloucester, MA.

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Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions are gaining popularity as homeowners look for easy ways to update existing fixtures. The simplicity of wireless is what’s drawing homeowners’ attention—there are no wires to hide, no holes to drill, and no disruption to daily living for installation. Wireless lights are a great addition to any bedroom, kitchen, living room, or outside space. We love wireless for under-cabinet lighting or highlighting unique displays in shelving units.

Compatible wireless solutions should be able to integrate into your whole-home lighting control, adding convenient control when on the go. And, with LED bulbs, wireless solutions today have a long battery life—50 to 100 hours—before they require charging or a new battery.

Dimmable Lights

Our eyes were not meant to stare into bright lights all day, and sometimes—especially in the evening—dimmed lighting can be just the break they need. Not to mention, dimmed lighting is better for your overall health and can help you relax before bed. Lighting controls are key to achieving the perfect levels of dimness at just the right times. You can schedule dimming through your smart device or adjust lighting levels whenever the mood strikes you.

Security Solutions

Many homeowners pair lighting controls with their home security solution because they like the ability to set lighting timers. Whether busy traveling or away at work, scheduled lighting can give others the illusion that someone is active in your home. In addition, motion-activated lighting can be programmed to send you an alert when activated so that you can investigate further.

Landscape Lighting

Enjoy a beautiful summer evening outdoors with an enchanting landscape lighting design. Program these lights to turn on at dusk, so you can enjoy them throughout the evening without remembering to turn them on. Add visual interest to landscape displays or illuminate walkways to assist with safe movement in the dark. Landscape lighting is a fun addition to any outdoor gathering as well.

Are any of these lighting control trends of interest to you? It doesn’t matter if you have an existing lighting control or considering a new one; these would all be great ways to enhance the beauty of your Gloucester, MA, home. Please contact us for more information about lighting control solutions and how to transform your living spaces.

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