4 Smart Devices to Pair with Smart Home Automation


Make the Most Out of Your Smart Home Automation System

Your Control4 or Savant smart home automation system makes enjoying your Newburyport, MA home easier than ever. But did you know that you can integrate most smart devices into your control system to make operating everything even easier?

In this blog post, we share four smart devices we recommend pairing with your automation setup to make running your home simple – and smart! Let’s get started.

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Lighting Control

Integrating a lighting control system with your smart home automation system gives you complete control over the way you see and experience your property. You can program your lights to a schedule that revolves around your daily routine; motion sensors ensure lights in an unoccupied room aren’t left on for long, which increases energy efficiency. Even your landscape lighting can synchronize with an astronomical clock to turn on and off as the sun sets or rises.

Smart Security System

Your home holds your loved ones and your most valued possessions. So why wouldn’t you want to protect your property? Installing a smart home security system gives you 24/7 monitoring from anywhere in the world. Check-in while you’re at work or halfway around the world on vacation.

Integrating your home security system with your Control4 or Savant system gives your security devices the power to work alongside your lighting and motorized shades to trick unwanted intruders into believing your home is occupied when it’s not.

Motorized Window Treatments

While many homeowners often overlook motorized shades for flashier smart technology, don’t gloss over the power that these window treatments can bring to your home. Set your motorized shades to raise and lower as the sun moves across the sky so you can make the most out of natural light. You can go about your evening routine without having to remember to walk around lowering every shade when the sun goes down – they’ll lower automatically at sunset!

Smart Climate Control

Smart thermostats make it easier than ever to control your home’s climate. Many smart climate systems learn your habits over time, and your thermostat will respond to your routines to ensure you’re always comfortable without wasting unnecessary energy. Plus, you can control your heating or air conditioning remotely. A simple tap of your finger on the way home from work will prepare your home for a comfortable arrival.

Are you ready to bring more power to your smart home automation system? Audio Video Experience is prepared to help. Start the process today by calling us or filling out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to making your home more convenient and comfortable!

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